Running the Point
February 10, 2020, 9:31 AM


The Bible provides examples of spiritual warfare and battles that originate in the spiritual realm that unfold in the physical realm. Even in the Old Testament, we can see where there was an attempt to cut off the line from which Jesus would be born. Still, today, though many don’t like to admit it, there is a battle that rages. I find myself often saying, “The devil is alive”, he’s defeated but none the less he’s still roaming about like a lion seeking whom he may devour. We should never give him more credit than he deserves and shouldn’t blame him for our poor choices. It is my opinion that to believe there is no such thing as spiritual warfare in our lives is foolishness. There are times when the attacks seem to be more intense and the spiritual “fight or flight” kicks in. It’s in these times when I am reminded that, as a child of God, I am not alone. On my own, I can’t overcome the enemy, but through submission to God and in His strength and power, victory is possible. I have also learned that God puts people in our lives to walk through the battles with us. It’s kind of like a team that sticks together when times are tough. Not like Job’s friends, but those who are willing to go into the fire with you. It brings to my mind the idea of a special tactical team in the military or law enforcement. These teams are highly trained and are composed of select individuals. Each of us should have this type of spiritual team in our lives. Every member of the team is available at any moment and the response time is literally ASAP. Each member has a particular purpose according to their skillset and without every one handling their responsibility, the entire team is at risk. Everyone from the person driving the vehicle, the people securing the perimeter, or the one breaching the door plays a vital role in the outcome of the team. Typically the most dangerous position is the point position. This is the first person in the door and is most vulnerable to whatever is lurking around every corner. This person leads the team and must have clarity of mind and apply strategic wisdom in their decision making. This is where followers of Christ are as individuals when the spiritual attacks come. You are running the point on the situation in your life and are the most vulnerable. This is especially so for people such as pastors, teachers, husbands, fathers, ministry heads, or anyone in a leadership position. For the person running the point, the most important position to them is the person in the second position. This is the person that has the point man’s back and makes sure nothing sneaks up on him. The entry team usually consists of multiple members so there will be others that watch the back of each person of the team always being prepared for anything. Essential components to the team being successful are trust and dependability. Each member of the team has to know the other members have their back and will not leave them or do anything to risk harm or injury. To have a team like this in our spiritual walk is more important than we may realize. The blessing of having someone who will pray with you and for you, will tell you the hard truths, will love you and encourage you and stand in the gap is amazing and sometimes life-saving. The Bible provides numerous examples of believers needing to have companions and not walking in faith alone. It is when we allow ourselves to become isolated and alone that the enemy is more likely to overcome us. If you don’t have this type of spiritual tactical team in your life I strongly encourage you to pray that the Lord would bring them to you. Every one of us knows someone who needs someone to stand by them in times of distress and spiritual attacks. As Christians, we need those people and need to be those people for others. You never know, someone’s life just might depend on it.