Ministry Areas

God has made us for His purpose.  

To help edify His church, He equips us with gifts (or a gift).  We all have something to give--even our time or skills.

God called us to follow His lead by giving and that giving takes all forms. 

We give of ourselves and of the resources He has given us.  You  might be a mechanic or an electrician who can give of your time to someone who needs your help.  You might be able to cook a meal for someone unable to do it themselves or give someone a ride.  You have something to give.  Thankless people are never content, but a generous nature gives us a "God's-eye" view of the world.


Acts 6:1-7--In the early church, we find the disciples turning responsibilities over--sharing the burdens.  

For the smoother functioning of Beall Chapel, other service areas have also been appointed. 


Are you a member willing to serve? 

Members do have a higher level of accountability, service and sacrifice--As we yield ourselves to His will, God's Spirit through us can do amazing things for His Kingdom--in ourselves, our homes, our church, our city, and our world.  Are you ready to join where God is working?

There are no shortages of ministries and you can find the perfect place to join and connect.

If you see a need unfilled, since God has brought it to your attention, perhaps God is also calling you to fill it?


List of some Ministry and committee areas:

Baptismal - Chairperson Steve Comte

Buildings and Grounds - Chairperson David Reynolds

Constitution and By-Laws - Chairperson- Deacons

Decorations - Chairperson Will Cumbee

Flowers/Hostess/Benevolence - Chairperson Will Cumbee

Nomination - Chairperson David Reynolds

Stewardship/Financial/Personnel - Chairperson Doyle Smith

Sunday School - Director David Reynolds

Ushering - Chairperson Doyle Smith

  August 2022  
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