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  July 2018  
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Thoughts from Sunday, May 7, 2017

As a child, whenever the subject of dinosaurs came up, the T-Rex was always considered to be the most ferocious and scariest.  It's size alone overwhelmed most of its prey.  But this enormous size could be a hindrance as well.  Every other creature within a square mile knew when the T-Rex was coming.  I was reminded not too long ago that there was a far more dangerous dinosaur.  Not because it was bigger or had more teeth, it actually reminded me of a smaller version of the T-Rex (Some how watching Jurassic Park again makes me think I know something about dinosaurs).  The Velociraptor, which means "swift seizer" terrifies me far more than the T-Rex. It was quite sneaky and tended to hunt in packs.  While one would appear in front of its prey to occupy its attention, the others would surround the unsuspecting creature who, never realizing this, had no idea of the treachery that was about to happen to them.  I was reminded last week that it's possible to get so focused on what  attacks we see in front of us that we don't realize what other angles the enemy is about to attack from.  We must always have our spiritual head on a swivel in order to not be devoured.  When I feel like I'm doing good in my struggles with sin I must never forget, that even as a regenerated believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, there is still a battle between flesh and Spirit within me.  I must always remember the only thing that prevents the darkness within me from overtaking me is the Light of LIfe of the Spirit of God.  This Light continues to burn, not through religion, but through a continuous relationship with the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.  What good is it to know all of the answers if they're not applied to our lives.