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  July 2018  
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Thoughts from Sunday April 30, 2017

Jesus assured His followers that in this world they would have troubles.  He also tells them that He has overcome this world. (John 16:33)  One guarantee in life is that there will be times when storms befall us and it takes everything we have just to stay afloat.  We find ourselves perilously tossed about by the wind and waves and feel helpless and hopeless.  Everyone has coping mechanisms they have developed in order to ride out these storms.  Unfortunately, these mechanisms allow us to only survive the storms.  They help us to endure the onslaught of struggles and troubles but do nothing to change the situation or circumstance.  Jesus overcame the world so that those who believe in Him may have an abundant life.  In other words, that they may not merely survive, but thrive.  Coping mechanisms help with the symptoms but they don’t get to the root of the problem. Next time you find yourself at the mercies of the storm, turn to the one that even the wind and waves obey.  Don’t just endure the symptoms but seek the cure.  Don’t believe the lie that you just have to ride out the storm, call out to the One that has power over it.