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Thoughts from Sunday April 23, 2017

Believe it or not, I enjoy jogging.  That is, when I muster the initiative to do it.  I have never seriously competed in a race and the one 5k I ran with my kids, I finished next to last.  What I remember about the race was that there were predetermined starting and finishing lines.  Also, there were specific boundaries that had been set in order for everyone to be aware of the course.  Paul compared his life to running a race.  His desire was to be able to receive the crown by staying within the boundaries and crossing the finish line.  One sure way to accomplish this is to run in the proper direction.   In life, we are either running toward God or away from Him.  Jonah tried running away and it didn’t go so well for him.  Geoffrey Kirui recently won the Boston Marathon with a time just over two hours.  I bet he was running in the right direction.  Which direction are you running?