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  August 2018  
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Thoughts for the week, June 5, 2017

I struggle to write the words that are on my heart today.  In preparation for the message this past Sunday, I had to deal with a harsh reality.  That reality being that there is sin in my life that cost Jesus His.  To God, my  sin is a life or death matter.  Whether it's losing my temper, saying harsh or judgmental things, not doing what I know I'm supposed to do, or anything else that falls short of His glory.  The deserved payment is death.   However, because of God's grace, that payment was made by Christ.  It's easy to hear the words of Jonah to the Ninevites, and think of all those other people who need to hear it that message.  The message for a call to repentance is one that our country needs to awaken to quickly or be prepared to endure the consequences of our actions.  But, as I recall, the Lord told Solomon in 2 Chronicles that His forgiveness would come when His people moved beyond religiousness and pursued righteousness with sincerity.  I must remember that repentance needs to take place routinely in my life and not just at the point I was saved.  If revival is to come to our nation, it will require more than talk and pointing out problems.  It will be determined by the willingness of believers to look inward and confess and repent and call out mightily to God.  The message is the same today as it has been for all time, repent or perish.