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  August 2018  
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Thoughts for the week June 26

In my 15 year career in the medical field, I learned many things.  I gained knowledge and wisdom about medical issues and life issues.  Many of those things I learned I have been able to carry over and apply to my role in ministry.  One of the most basic principles of CPR that I learned  was, that when you come upon someone who appears to be lifeless, before initiating CPR you should look, listen, and feel.  This principle is a good reminder to me of my Christian walk.  While it's not exactly the same idea, it is applicable all the same.  As I go about each day and encounter the numerous situations and circumstances, I need not merely observe all of the things I see.  I need to look through a spiritual perspective in order to see God's hand at work and my place in His purpose.  Also, it's not enough to simply hear the word of God being proclaimed or to skim through it in my devotional time.  God's word is life giving, soul saving, and life changing to the one who will listen and apply it.  Finally, God has created us as emotional beings and my Christian walk is impacted by emotions.  Saving faith is not the same as a superficial emotional response.  Passion and brokenness are different than a sense of religious obligation and legalism.  I must be broken over my sin and over the fact that people are dyeing every day separated from God.  I must have a passion for the things of God and those who need to hear the Gospel.  A truly changed person will exhibit characteristics of a changed heart, not just feeling an emotional response.  To be able to look, listen, and feel may not not only impact my spiritual life, but it might just lead to life of someone else being saved by God.