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  August 2018  
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Thoughts for the week June 12

Unfortunately for Jonah, his temper tantrum was put in writing for all of us to read about.  I must confess that I have had some less than glorious moments of anger that were quite public so in some ways I can relate.  One of the similarities between Jonah's tantrum and those I have exhibited in the past, is that at the root of the issue is self.  Somehow, things did not go the way that was most pleasing to the "self" who was in the center of the temper fit.  However, in reality that anger and frustration only highlighted other struggles.  Frustration with outcomes may show a lack of faith in God's will and His plans for my life.  Anger towards others may mean that I have forgotten my abundant need for grace and thus should extend that grace to others.  Foolish and hurtful behavior as a result of anger might be a sign of forgetting that I am supposed to be living as an ambassador for Christ.  Ultimately, these outbursts of anger say that I have set myself in the place of authority when only God should that place.  Another thing that happens when anger rules the heart is that the devil is allowed an opportunity to wreak havoc and bring destruction.  I may think my anger is right and justified, but if not handled appropriately, all it does is provide the enemy with further opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy and I am being used as his weapon in which to do it.  This type of anger is far from the righteous anger that Christ exemplified in the Temple.