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  September 2018  
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Sending Out

We had the wonderful privilege of commissioning Brother Santos for his trip to Peru this week.  It is such a blessing to send someone from our church out with the primary intention of spreading the Gospel and making disciples.  Though spreading the Good News is something all believers should be actively doing, Santos has answered the call of God on his life to go to a foreign country.  Paul references Isaiah in Romans 10 about beautiful feet bringing the Good News.  Paul also tells us in Ephesians that as part of the Spiritual Armor we should have on our feet the readiness of the Gospel of Peace.  A need for the Gospel should be the thing that motivates us.  To take to those whom have not heard, that they may hear and believe and call on the name of Jesus.  This Gospel that brings peace in the midst of spiritual warfare and peace between God and man through the forgiveness of sin is what needs to be declared to the ends of the Earth.  It's not about feet and how pretty they are, it's about the powerful Word of God that is the Good News of Salvation and redemption.  Praise God that He allows us to be a part of His redeeming His creation.  We are proud of Santos and will support him as he goes, but we give glory to God for all that He is doing and those He will save in Peru from the declaration of His Word through Santos.  Not to us O LOrd , not to us, but to your name give glory!(Psalm 115:1)