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June 8, 2018, 11:42 AM

Do You Work Here?

Well, tis the season! Not Christmas season, end of the school year and beginning of summer season. This time of the year has become so busy for us with the kid’s field trips, programs, awards, church camps, VBS, etc. One thing I have noticed on some of the field trips and vacations to various places is that it’s not usually very difficult to pick out who works at the particular place where we are and who is there as a guest. Sometimes the employees are noticeable because of their attire but there seems to be an even more telling characteristic than clothing. At one theme park we went to, the employees were the one who moved a little slower than the people who were there as excitement filled guests that were expecting to get something out of their visit to the park. The countenance on the faces of the patrons was also much different than those of the workers. The expressions of the employees seemed to express the fact that it was their job to be there and if they weren’t getting paid they wouldn’t be there. The guests seem to have a look of joy and anticipation. The list of behaviors and outward characteristics could go on much longer but I think you get what I’m saying. I wonder if that is true with the way some our churches look on Sunday mornings. Are the ones who attend regularly still as excited to be there as those who have come for the first time? Has it become a type of “work” or drudgery for us to come to church, or do we show up excited, expecting to worship the King of Kings. Are churches filled with people who are disappointed when they aren’t entertained enough by the music or the preacher? What does our behavior and attitude at church say about us? Are we excited to be there or simply there because we feel like we have to be?

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