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August 7, 2017, 10:49 AM

Co-op Play Video Games

Co-op video game play is where multiple people play the same game at the same time to accomplish a singular purpose.  Within this overarching purpose, there may be individual accomplishments that each player can try to achieve for themselves.  This is the style of video game that my son loves to play.  I know it’s silly but I enjoy playing with him from time to time.  There is one particular game that my son enjoys in which our whole family can play together.  As you can imagine it gets crazy trying to keep up with 4-5 players on the television at the same time going in all different directions.  However, this usually doesn’t last very long.  It only takes a few minutes before the competitive edge takes over and someone is throwing someone else’s character off a ledge, stealing “powers” that someone else needed, or running ahead to do their own thing, leaving everyone else behind and ending their game.  It essentially comes down to an “all about me/me first” mentality of the one seeking to achieve personal goals and be recognized as the better player.  The Lord convicted me in my heart that this is often how act.  My frequent lapses of humility and recognition of my sinful condition creep in and steal the grace that I am supposed to be extending to others.  An honest evaluation of my wretched sinfulness in light of God’s majestic holiness glorifies the amazing grace I have received from Him.  I find myself too often to be like David wanting to punish the man Nathan has told him of only to be reminded that I am a sinner just like the one I have determined should be punished.  Extending grace and forgiveness to those who have offended me or are caught up in sin can be a struggle, but it becomes a little easier when I am reminded that, “but by the grace of God, there go I.”  I am grateful to those in my life who point this out to me.  Like a sheep, I am easily distracted and prone to wander away from the fold.  I am thankful for those who have shown me grace and pursue me when I have gone astray.  Praise God for His pursuit of me and amazing grace He has given in salvation through Jesus Christ.


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