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August 7, 2017, 10:49 AM

Co-op Play Video Games

Co-op video game play is where multiple people play the same game at the same time to accomplish a singular purpose.  Within this overarching purpose, there may be individual accomplishments that each player can try to achieve for themselves.  This is the style of video game that my son loves to play.  I know it’s silly but I enjoy playing with him from time to time.  There is one particular game that my son enjoys in which our whole family can play together.  As you can imagine it gets crazy trying to keep up with 4-5 players on the television at the same time going in all different directions.  However, this usually doesn’t last very long.  It only takes a few minutes before the competitive edge takes over and someone is throwing someone else’s character off a ledge, stealing “powers” that someone else needed, or running ahead to do their own thing, leaving everyone else behind and ending their game.  It essentially comes down to an “all about me/me first” mentality of the one seeking to achieve personal goals and be recognized as the better player.  The Lord convicted me in my heart that this is often how act.  My frequent lapses of humility and recognition of my sinful condition creep in and steal the grace that I am supposed to be extending to others.  An honest evaluation of my wretched sinfulness in light of God’s majestic holiness glorifies the amazing grace I have received from Him.  I find myself too often to be like David wanting to punish the man Nathan has told him of only to be reminded that I am a sinner just like the one I have determined should be punished.  Extending grace and forgiveness to those who have offended me or are caught up in sin can be a struggle, but it becomes a little easier when I am reminded that, “but by the grace of God, there go I.”  I am grateful to those in my life who point this out to me.  Like a sheep, I am easily distracted and prone to wander away from the fold.  I am thankful for those who have shown me grace and pursue me when I have gone astray.  Praise God for His pursuit of me and amazing grace He has given in salvation through Jesus Christ.


August 3, 2017, 11:52 AM

Enchanted Vacation

This is a long one, but it will make up for missing last week. My family recently had the experience of visiting one of the world famous vacation destinations.  It will probably be a “once in a lifetime” type thing, but at least we can now say we have done it.   It was a great time as a family and we feel blessed to have been able to go to Disney World.  I must admit, there were many things that caught me by surprise and I found myself repeating the phrase, “We ain’t in East Texas anymore.”  It wasn’t bad, just different.  Having experienced some of the trappings of visiting Disney, I am pleased to say that the highlight of our vacation was a morning spent on the beach, witnessing the glory of God’s creation and being held captive by the majestic beauty of a sunset.  God’s creation is by far greater than anything Walt ever came up with.  Forgive me as I tarry from the point in which I intend to present.  As we hustled and bustled through the parks each day trying to squeeze in as many things as we could, a thought occurred to me.  Actually it was more than one thought and now I share them with you.  I began to wonder how many people were there, among literally thousands of other people, who don’t go to church because they don’t do well with crowds.  Or, of all the people dressed from head to toe in Disney themed garments and accessories, but don’t go to church because they don’t want to have to dress a certain way.  Also, those who readily dish out exorbitant amounts of money, (nothing is free at Disney. A penny cost 51 cents.) at the many places readily available to take it from them, but won’t come to church because all the church wants is their money.  And what about those who will stand in line for up to 5 hours in the heat to enjoy a 5 minute 3D attraction, but can’t seem to force themselves to attend an hour long worship service sitting in an air conditioned building on soft pews.  Lastly, and my favorite, those who set their agenda around being able to see, take pictures with, get autographs from, and have dinner with people dressed up as Disney characters. Some of whom wear mouse, duck, and dog costumes or are from a galaxy far, far away that doesn’t exist.  Yet those same people won’t go to church because the church has too many fake people and hypocrites. It is a sad thing to see when people will embrace an enchanted, fairytale kingdom but reject the Kingdom of God. 


July 18, 2017, 11:57 AM

4 Minutes or Less

While we were at summer camp, the camp pastor told us about a movement to get people reading their bibles.  Apparently, the average person can read one chapter of the New Testament in 3 minutes and 45 seconds.  While it is HIGHLY recommended that a person spend longer than that reading the Word daily, the entire New Testament can be read in a year at this pace.( Reading five days a week and allowing for makeup days on the weekends. )  So, because I understand how hard it can be to make time for everything throughout the day, I have compiled a list, with the help of friends and family, of things that can be and are done daily that take the same amount of time. (3:45):

1. Set the dinner table; change a light bulb

2. watch an entire commercial break on TV or, more likely, surf through the channels

3. download a new app or restart your device; check/send emails; update your status on social media; create a new playlist

4. Make your bed; sweep/vacuum a room; unload the dryer/dishwasher; start a load of laundry( yes kids it can be done that quick without all of the complaining)

5. Create a new meme about a funny looking sunburn

6. eat a snack or microwave a bag of popcorn; toast bread

7. Take a quick shower(especially if you're bald); brush your teeth( or put them in); run a bubble bath for your wife; paint your toenails (especially if you only have 9)

8. Rotate the couch cushions and look for change

9. Gas up your vehicle; pre-flight check a small plane

10. Listen to/dance to/sing your favorite song; watch a YouTube video about stupid puns

11. read this crazy list again(disclosure: it's time you will never get back)

July 11, 2017, 12:00 AM

Distracted Driving and Distracted Living

Many years ago, I worked for a company that delivered furniture.  It wasn't the best job in the world but it paid good and I worked with good people.  I was able to meet new people and see most of the beauty of Cherokee County through the windshield of a furniture delivery truck.  Just so we're all on the same page, this truck was one of the large ones that could carry multiple pieces of furniture and appliances.  This in of itself wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  However, there was one person that nobody liked to ride with when he was driving the delivery truck.  It wasn't that he was a bad person or listened to crazy music or anything like that.  He just had a hard time staying focused on the road and drove way too fast.  If something caught his attention and he looked at it for more than a second or two, the truck would begin to drift in that direction.  There were many trips I had conversations with God asking Him to please let me live through the ride and I would never do anything bad again.  There were even a couple of times I was sure we were going to wreck and die and this was before texting and driving became an issue.  This may be just a humorous, but true, story that many can relate to, but the fact of the matter is that too many people are dying as a result of distracted driving.  Many more people are dying without Jesus because of distracted living.  Let us be as proactive to put an end to distracted living as we are to distracted driving.  Tell someone about the mercy, grace, and love of God today.  Just like that guy drifted in the direction his eyes were looking, where a person's treasure is, their heart will be also.  Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to someone who is living distracted by the temporal things of this life, that they may find the eternal riches of God in salvation.  


July 3, 2017, 12:00 AM

Old and Tired

For the first time in several years, I took part in church camp last week.  Our group  was wonderful to be with and the kids were great.  It was my first experience at Preteen Camp(#DSBC2017), and an experience it was.  Sharing a dorm, showers, and toilet with 30 other people, most of who were pre-teen boys, is something words just can't describe.  While it was very enjoyable and a tremendous blessing to see God work in the hearts of students, it didn't take long for me to be reminded that I'm not 25 anymore.  I don't move quite like I used to and more importantly, I don't recover near as quick.  Fortunately, the kids seemed to get less excitable as the week went on as well.  The last night of camp, I had the pleasure of having two of my children resting their heads on my shoulders.  At one point, Toby, our cuddler, crawled up in my lap and lay his head on my chest.  This was such a sweet moment for me, especially since I know how quickly the day is coming when he won't have the desire to do it any more.(Or he'll be too big and then it would be awkward and painful)  As I sat there treasuring up the moment in my heart, I thought about our heavenly Father.  When those days come that exhaust us and we feel as if we can't go on, He is there to hold us and let us feel the strength and comfort of His mighty, loving arms.  His word tells us that His burden is easy and His yoke is light.  He beckons for all who are weak and heavy ladened to come unto Him and enjoy peace and rest.  Just as I enjoyed holding Toby, so does our Father enjoy holding His children.  So next time you've had a hard day or many hard days, remember  you can come to the altar and find the Father's arms are opened wide.


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